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Meet Sheila

Good day Goffstown! I’m your neighbor Sheila Seidel, and I am running to be your state representative in Concord.

I am a proud New Hampshire native. I am not a politician. My husband and I have spent much of our life together in service to the public. In the face of everything that has happened in the past several years, not only in our state but in the country, I can no longer be on the sidelines. I am passionate about serving as a state representative for Goffstown, standing strong and doing what’s right for our community.

issues important to Sheila

Protect Innocent Life

I am pro-life, from conception to natural death, for both the baby and the mother, as well as supporting the rights of fathers. We need to support women through New Hampshire’s 18 pregnancy crisis centers as well as promote and protect life, not condone its destruction.

2nd Amendment

I am pro gun rights and support responsible gun ownership. I will focus on mental health and security needs in our community and then employ the best solution, NOT disarm all Americans. When we are able to defend ourselves and others, more lives are saved.

Educational Freedom

I support school choice and will strongly fight for the rights of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children. We must rebuff efforts to push extreme ideology in our public schools, which acts as a malicious barrier to true education and independent thought.

Law & Order

I oppose attempts to embrace no cash bail justice system policies, which lead to a lack of personal accountability, unsafe communities, and over-taxed law enforcement.

Low Taxes and Spending

I believe in financial responsibility and practice it in my own life. Irresponsible spending and debt only make our state weaker. State spending should be carefully monitored and fiscally balanced.

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