About Sheila

Good day Goffstown!

I’m your neighbor Sheila Seidel, and I am running to be your State Representative in Concord.

I am a proud New Hampshire native. My wonderful husband, Duane, and I have been married over thirty years. We decided to make Goffstown our home and built our home here the same year we were married. Our two amazing children are successful graduates of Goffstown schools.

I am not a politician. My husband and I have spent much of our life together in service to the public. I worked as a dental hygienist for 35 years in the Manchester and Goffstown area. My husband, also known as Coach Dewey, served as Coach and Head Coach of the Goffstown Screamin’ Eagles football team for 12 years. He is a U.S. Navy Veteran and a retired Manchester firefighter of over 28 years. We love our community and our New Hampshire way of life and do not want to see it overcome by radical D.C. political Ideology.

I am presently serving as Secretary of the Goffstown Republican Committee. In the face of everything that has happened in the past several years, not only in our state but in the country, I can no longer be on the sidelines. We cannot afford to be overrun by those who don’t represent our interests. I am passionate about serving as a state representative for Goffstown, standing strong and doing what’s right for our community. I stand firmly behind our NH State Constitution, especially the 1st & 2nd Amendments. I will defend our police and first responders, our children, our families, and our community against those who would seek to harm them.

Although I have an interest in all committees, once elected my top picks would be:

1.       Health & Human Services & Elderly Affairs

2.       Election Law

3.       State-Federal Relations & Veterans Affairs 

We live in dangerous times with battles on multiple fronts. It’s time to get back to our God and liberty loving roots in New Hampshire. I believe together we can. Ad-libbing the words of Pastor Nick Vujicic, “I want to lead by standing at the gates of hell, redirecting traffic back to the Right side of history!” I can only work for you in accomplishing this with your vote in the Primary Election on September 13, 2022, and again in the State General Election on November 8, 2022.

Thank you & God Bless!

Sheila Seidel, Candidate for State Representative

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