Sheila’s Priorities


I am pro-life, from conception to natural death, for both the baby and the mother, as well as supporting the rights of the father who often does not want to abort his baby.

How is abortion healthcare for women? There have been many studies around the world that prove an increased risk of depression, alcohol and drug addiction, self-harm and suicide among those who chose abortion, as well as a likely increased risk of breast cancer, sterility, and death. Planned Parenthood is only focused on terminating the life of the preborn. We need to support, not attack, the 18 pregnancy crisis centers throughout NH, as well as the faith communities who support women seeking alternatives to their child’s death. We need to promote and protect life, not condone its destruction.

2nd Amendment

I am pro-gun rights for responsible gun ownership. Our country has been subjected to the horrors of guns often obtained illegally and used against (especially) soft targets.

Guns and responsible gun owners are not the issue; the actions of a small number of disturbed individuals are. These assailants are almost universally in need of mental health care. We live in a time of weakened law enforcement and a lack of sufficient mental health resources, yet the proposed solution is disarming responsible citizens.

I will focus on addressing the mental health and security needs in our community and then employ the best solution, NOT disarm all Americans. Statistics have proven that when we are able to defend ourselves and others, more lives are saved.

Law & Order

I am against no cash bail/release on personal recognizance. It leads to a lack of personal accountability, unsafe communities, and over-taxed law enforcement. I and my four siblings grew up with loving but strict, law-abiding parents whose motto of the time was: “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime. Period!” These are words we should all live by.

Low Taxes and Spending

I believe in financial responsibility and practice it in my own life. Irresponsible spending and debt only make our state weaker. State spending should be carefully monitored and fiscally balanced.

Educational Freedom

I am pro school choice. Parents should have the right to decide on their child’s education, both in content and location. Schools have the responsibility of teaching our children the academic skills they need to compete and thrive in this world and to think critically and independently. Pushing extreme ideology on our impressionable children is a harmful and malicious barrier to true education and independent thought.

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